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Ultimate Guide On Multilevel Level Marketing and MLM Software

Table of Content

  1. Introduction to Multi Level Marketing
    1. Yesterday- History of Multi Level Marketing
    2. Today –  Essence of Multi Level Marketing in today’s context
    3. Tomorrow- Scope of Multi Level Marketing
  2. How Multi Level Marketing works  
    1. Get Enrolled In The Business
    2. Set Your Audience To Build A Strong Network
    3. Go Ahead And Make Your Dream Come True
  3. Business Plans of Multi Level Marketing
    1. Binary Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits 
    2. Unilevel plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits  
    3. Forced Matrix Plan Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits 
    4. GIft Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits
    5. Single leg Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits
    6. Board Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits  
    7. Repurchase Plan1  
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits
    8. Party Plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits  
    9. Stair Step plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits
    10. Hybrid plan
      1. Work Process
      2. Benefits
  4. Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing


  • Introduction To MLM:


Multi Level Marketing (better known as Network Marketing or Referral Marketing) is abbreviated as MLM — one of the most excellent ways to make your personal and financial dreams come true.

        “Multi Level Marketing has been an outstanding channel which allows you to earn a decent amount by referring people a wide variety of products and services and/or by recruiting others who will buy goods and services from you to sell to other people.”   

Introduction To MLM   


MLM (aka Pyramids Selling) is a type of business model which is extensively used to market the goods and services and getting paid for doing so! It works on a simple yet straightforward concept – the more you sell, the more money you get.      

Everyone in today’s era is somehow in Network Marketing. Isn’t it right? In reality, people most  of the time suggest various things to various people. This is what the network marketing actually follows.

If you have any kind of products and services and you are eagerly looking to sell it in the market, MLM can be the right and successful choice. Either you can directly move it from production unit to end customers or you will have to find out your business partners who would be able to earn a good income by selling the products.   

“The scope of network marketing is limitless. No end! It will no doubt continue to grow because great minds are getting into it and one day, it will become the most respected business strategy across the world.”

                                                    —Brian Tracy A Canadian-American motivational speaker

Multilevel Marketing is increasingly growing in the world. So are its business affiliates. The only reason behind its success is – the MLM operates from a simple platform where people can work from home or set their own home business without having to bear any kind of hindrances/ interference or to sacrifice any occupations. One of the best things is that anyone at anytime from anywhere can directly become a distributor and earn a decent income from building the network.  


  • History Of Multi Level Marketing (Yesterday):

MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing which is also known as Direct Selling or Network Marketing. The history of MLM is long, disputed yet interesting. An American businessman, Mr. Carl Rehnborg, originated the California Vitamin Company (later renamed the company as Nutrilite) to produce and distribute food supplement products. The company was sought-after and thus, recruited two independent distributors Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos (high-school friends). Later on, Nutrilite hired more sales persons to meet the burgeoning need of the customers and noticed the distributors were performing exceptionally well and the sale volume were swiftly beefing up at an extraordinary rate.

In the year 1945, the company introduced its first compensation plan with the intention to motivate the distributor to sell more and more. The concept was quite simple! Once you owned 25 personal distributors, you could become eligible for around 3 % commission for their sale. Hence, the MLM took birth.


Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel broke away due to some dilemma with Nutrilite and in 1960s, formed the Amway Corporation. In 1972, the Amway acquired the Nutrilite and sit on the top of the market and is still one of the biggest MLM companies announced the sales of $8.6 billion till Dec. 31, 2017 according to the AGER (Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report)



  • Essence Of Multi Level Marketing In Today’s Context (Today)



Today’s market is overloaded with thousands of MLM companies making proper use of the direct selling method along with the compensation plan to beef up the sale at an exceptional rate. Several individuals are vigorously involving the Multilevel marketing sector with the hope of making much money and give a superb lifestyle for their family. The affiliated ones simply purchase their required goods and services at a discounted priced and resell the previously bought products at a profitable rate.


However, the entire MLM system has become a bit advanced then it was back in its inception period. Thanks to technology, MLM these days works in a different way but on the same fundamentals. There are several MLM software available out there. With the help of such software, you can keep your business running at an exceptional rate. The benefits of MLM today is pretty obvious, it allows you work from the comfort of your home, generate your own targeted leads all the time, and even profit in a hassle-free manner



  • Scope Of Multi Level Marketing In Upcoming Days (Tomorrow):


As it offers the financial opportunities and flexibility of picking their own working hours without any hindrance, the industry of network marketing has become world famous in the past couple of years. Celebrities like Donald Trump and Megan Fox have also endorsed and professed their belief in MLM business model.  

There’s always a high demand (even during the time of global recession) of active distributors who leave no stone unturned to ramp up the business growth. Whether you are a college student or business folk or housewife, the industry provides such platform where the decent income can be generated, right from the comfort of your home.

Unlike other industries, the network marketing sector doesn’t demand any special kind of education or a lot of money to set up their own business with amazing financial opportunities. Money is everywhere! You should be acquainted with the way to earn. With bright future, it can be the one-stop solution for those who are pondering to enter in the world of network marketing and want to be a millionaire at the earlier age.

2) How Does Multilevel Marketing Work?

How Does Multilevel Marketing Work

Get Enrolled In The Business:  

What you need to do is, approach existing business affiliates to get enrolled as a distributor. Once you signed up, you will undergo vigorous training by the person who sponsored you (called your recruiter/ sponsor) on several selling and recruiting process to ramp up your network. Afterwards, you will be able to sell their goods and services and introduce new distributors to that company. In MLM business, you don’t need to work 40 hours a week as it allows you to choose the suitable time on which you would like to perform.

Set Your Audience To Build A Strong Network:

No other industry has produced as many business opportunities as the Network marketing has. The reason behind the success is Network which is a cornerstone upon which the entire MLM system is built and work. Once you are in, building network is the only thing you need to focus on. As the entire process is about selling goods and services, a vast network of active distributors can assist you to produce an enormous cash flow.

To own a strong network, you need to convince interested or uninterested people and get them to enroll in the business. Producing money is directly proportional to the number of business affiliates available in your network. As you start investing your effort to build your network, you stand to earn bonuses, incentives, and royalties from the sales generated by your downliners.  

Go Ahead And Make Your Dream Come True:

Can’t you make your dream come true? The simple answer is yes. However, most of the associated people don’t. The reality is, your success will come from your work. The people, of course, will be able to make money and get positioned at the top. The big earner didn’t join MLM industry decades ago; they joined the business and blended over the backyards to produce a decent amount in the form of incentive, commissions, royalties, and referrals. Their effort puts them on the top. Consequently, it is possible to earn as much as you can and gift your family with a luxurious lifestyle.

3) Business Plans of Multi Level Marketing

There are various compensation plans on offer today. Marketing individuals need to be meticulous during the course of associating with any of the available ones. It would not be wrong to state that choosing one business plan out of many is as complicated as picking a shining star from the sky. It would be beneficial to be acquainted with the different compensation plans when it comes to choosing a MLM company. Everyone is aware of the fact that nothing is perfect in this world. Everything available in the market has its own pros and cons. So do multi level marketing compensation plans.


  • Binary Multi level Marketing Plan:


Binary plan is one of the most popular and resourceful plans available these days. It is widely accepted and appreciated all across the world owing to its simplicity. The word Binary as the name implies, stands for ‘TWO’- it has power of two. The binary plan is structured with two legs (left and right), where one leg is referred as ‘Power Leg’ and second leg is known as ‘Profit Leg’. Here, you will be provided with the opportunity to have two front-line distributors who have same desire of working towards securing financial freedom.

How Does It Work?   

In binary structure, recruiters are allowed to recruit two members and place them into your first level downline, where two legs (left and right) will be available. Furthermore, if the recruiters enlist more than two members, new joining will be automatically added to the next vacant place under the power leg, the process is better known as ‘Spillover’- an ultimate feature of binary compensation plan where your upline nurtures your business and helps you to grow.

Balancing your downline is vital in binary structure as the commission payment will be entirely depended on your both legs. You would not be able to earn good amount, if one of your legs is not performing well in producing sales volume.   

Benefits of Binary Compensation Plan:   

  • With Binary plan, you can go to infinite level as it supports unlimited depth, while width remains constant.  
  • Every individual can get benefit from the spill of their up-lines.     
  • This plan is specially designed to grow swiftly, if treated well.
  • It is accepted by various startups or individuals due to its simplicity in understanding the business structure.   
  • Your entire team will help you to maximize your productivity.    



  • Unilevel Multi level Marketing Plan:


Unilevel Plan – one of the fruitful and simplest Multi level marketing plans- brings ground breaking advantages to the table. The plan is simply designed with the intention to assist MLM companies and members to succeed in today’s neck to neck competition. It is well-established plan and successfully accepted in MLM industry as it is easy to navigate and is structured with one level.

The Unilevel MLM plan allows you to sponsor one front line where you can enroll as many business affiliates as you want. There is no restriction- width is unlimited. On the contrary, depth of the plan is limited but you don’t need to worry at all as it puts the same commission rate for everyone. In this structure, an upline can control all the qualifying distributors properly in one go.  

Profit is sharable here! All the members are on the same level and earn for each other. This is the reason why it is being used by many people investing their time, as well as money.  

How Does It Work?

Whether you’re a small business or a big-sized business or an individual, the plan of Unilevel MLM aids a lot, if entertained well. You can go as wide as you like and customize your downline as per your desire. According to Unilevel MLM plan, a recruiter can typically sponsor as many ones as he/she may like on the front line. Every distributor in the same level would be able to receive the same earning. This is where the term Unilevel is justified properly.  

Apart from that, the compensation is comprised of mainly three plans which help enhancing the stability of the Unilevel.  


  • Sponsor Bonus: In such plan, Sponsor bonus is payable just to endorse the business growth.  


  • Fast Start Bonus: In this, some amount as per the policy would be payable for success enrolling of new member.    
  • Level Commission: Each member can have unlimited downline distributors and is paid when the target is achieved by their down liners.  

 Have A Glance At The Advantages Of Unilevel Plan

  • The attractive natures of this plan – the front line sponsored width is unlimited.
  • The concept of Unilevel business plan is relatively easy! Everyone can explain it to new ones in a hassle-free manner.
  • All the business affiliates are on the same level and are paid at the same commission rate.   
  • Unlimited potential income can be earned with the help of this plan as it supports a payment of a level commission.  
  • It will no doubt help you to the decent output within a short span of time, utterly depends on the network work.  


  • Forced Matrix Multilevel Marketing Plan:  


Matrix Compensation Plan (also referred as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan similar to Unilevel MLM plan) is one of the most effective, loved and money making multi level marketing plans available these days. This organizational structure is based on the fixed number of rows (width) and columns (depth). Any of the business members can be acquainted with the fundamental of this plan and put in plain words in front of newcomers as the concept is exceptionally straightforward. Not only do the experienced ones but newcomers also accept that a forced matrix plan of MLM is the finest and quickest way which leaves no stone unturned in prospering the MLM business.  

Several Compensation plans including 2×12, 3×9, 4×7, and 5×7 (where the first number is known as ‘Width’ and the second number is known as ‘Depth’) are used on a large scale to sponsor more affiliates in the downline. The reason behind its better working in networking arena is Spillover.  

What Is The Working Procedure Of Forced Matrix Multilevel Marketing Plan?

The working procedure of Forced Matrix Multilevel Marketing Plan is well-established and simple to be aware of. As it works on matrix concept, each distributor is allowed to recruit a limited number of members under his/her downline. Once a distributor meets the target at front line, the plan starts working on the concept of spillover and the upcoming members are subsequently added to the next level in downline.

Have a look at the example:   

  • Suppose you are going to be associated with the 3X7 matrix compensation plan!
  • Here, you will be allowed to sponsors 3 frontline business associates and you can go down till 7th level deep.
  • First level is comprised of three members.
  • Nine members are allowed in second level and so one till 7th level.
  • Every member in this plan will earn until the plan works and the parent node starts earning with the respect of network growth.


MLM Matrix compensation plan can be the right choice if you’re planning to invest into network marketing. Here, you’ll be provided with the various opportunities to earn additional income in form of Position Bonus, Matching Bonus, Level Commission, Sponsor Bonus, and Matrix Bonus.

Benefits of Getting Enrolled In Forced Matrix Multilevel Marketing Plan

Here is a quick showcase of its advantages which make help you invest your time and money in this plan:

  • Owing to its high earning potential and simplicity, this plan is extensively appreciated among the MLM companies and individual marketers.
  • This is a risk-free and easy to handle business plan as it supports limited number of business affiliates.
  • This ‘Spillover’ supported plan is focused on helping downline and money making.
  • There is no need to sponsor a large number of distributors under your downline, because you are allowed to add certain members in your first level.  
  • Part-timers and novice distributors are widely making use of the forced matrix multi level marketing compensation plan as it offers a low-budget investment to the ones who’re willing to own home-based or part-time business.    



  • Multi-Level Marketing Gift Plan:


Gift plan in the field of Multi-level marketing is referred as ‘Money Order’ plan or ‘Donation’ plan. The main philosophy revolves around giving and receiving cash rewards. It has been one of the popular MLM plans which offers long-term financial benefits to the people who love to be a part of this plan. Gift attracts a lot which is why millions of networkers are increasingly associating with this next generation MLM strategy and generating great revenue from it.     

‘Give Single Gift/ Help and Receive Several Gifts/ Help’ is a simple and straightforward theory of this plan. In other words, you are required to send a gift to the single marketer and receive multiple gifts from multiple networkers. It is a proven plan which will unquestionably help MLM companies to double the return of investment at the drop of a hat.

Though gift MLM plan is restricted in India as it is treated as Money laundering according to the Indian law, several foreign governments have already allowed it and the gift plan has acquired a booming position in these countries. This ‘give & take’ concept is being widely used and has acquired a vast network all across the world.   

Have A Quick Look Up At the Working Procedure of Multi-Level Marketing Gift/ Donation Plan:    

The plan is all about Gift, Gift, and Gift. Helping financially or giving a gift to one person is what you need to do in the first step of MLM donation business. Here, you are required to build a community of genuine people who are eager to help each other. Additionally, you will also be able to get the financial support when you are coming across your hard time. With the help of this, any of the associated members can get rid of financial problems in a trouble-free manner.       

Why Do Most Of The MLM Companies Prefer To Invest In Multi-Level Marketing Gift/ Donation Plan?   

Various proven reasons which will help MLM Companies to invest their effort in this plan are cited below:

  • Money and all the transactions are under good control in this plan.  
  • Here, you are allowed to make use of multiple tools including bank transfers, e-wallets or others to make your gift/ donation delivered.
  • One can master the concept of this plan as it is simple to implement.
  • The Multi-Level Marketing Gift/ Donation Plan can be of multiple levels.
  • It will help you to resolve the financial problems at a great success rate.   
  1. E) Single Leg Multilevel Marketing Plan:

Multi Level marketing or network marketing has introduced various compensation plans that one can easily choose from. Monoline (better known as Single Leg Multilevel Marketing Plan) is one of the successful business schemes. In fact, it is second to none. The marketers who are willing to buy better tomorrow are investing their time, money, and effort in Monoline scheme as it has a wide array of splendid benefits which assist in generating great revenue.

Not only does it help to keep track of profit but it also makes a report in a systematic manner. The concept of the single leg compensation system can be understood easily as it works on a straight line lock, stock, and barrel. As the name suggests, it is all about one line control —‘One Leg for Each’. You will be provided with the one and only one leg to work.

Here Is the Working Procedure of MLM Monoline (Single Leg) System

The working process can be effortlessly explained to the newcomers who’re ready to join the plan. Don’t need to worry about the network structure of this system as MLM Monoline (Single Leg) system is structured with one leg. In this business system, you are required to hire a single business associate under your downline to start earning. As there is no boundary for the Monoline plan to work, the chance of getting good income crops up right at the moment a new enrollee joins your downline. This business scheme comes with a great scope; the more you invest your effort, the more you get paid.

First Come First Serve is the main methodology that the system uses to share the profit. Apart from that, it brings diversified income sources to the table for all members available. Have a glance at the addition income one can earn through this plan:-

  • Pin Creation Commission
  • Matching Commission
  • Rejoin Income
  • Direct Referral Bonus  

Splendid Advantages of MLM Monoline (Single Leg) System

  • The plan provides a lucrative opportunity to MLM companies and individuals both.
  • First who ever come will always be served more as compared to other business affiliates.
  • There is always a possibility of earning bonus whenever newcomer joins the business.
  • Simple business plan with no complex patterns attracts a lot of people who are ready to invest in network marketing.
  • There is no limitation- no certain level to work as it has only one leg.

It can be a one-stop solution to meet your expectation and helps make your dreams come true. So if you are planning to invest your time, effort, and money in this business scheme, roll up your sleeves and join Single Leg (Monoline) Multilevel Marketing Plan at the drop of a hat.


  1. F) Multi Level Marketing Board Plan:   

Are you making your mind up to enroll in the network marketing? Have you been chosen any compensation plan to join a home-based business in referral marketing? Aren’t you able to find out the right plan to get a decent income? Why don’t you invest in Multilevel Marketing Board Plan which is also identified as Revolving Matrix Plan? Unlike other MLM business plans, it is loaded with exciting offers and good income opportunities. It is well ensured that a great cash flow can be earned by the person who gets involved in such business scheme.

A board plan is not exactly but little similar to binary MLM plan, with one big structural difference. This marketing strategy is one of the well-liked MLM compensation plans among others available in the market. The most interesting feature of this business scheme — it allows you to enroll the certain number of associates in a board and gives opportunities to generate great revenue with the help of the members available in a particular board.

Concept or Working Procedure Of Multilevel Marketing Board Plan

Everyone is familiar with the term ‘Board’ which itself assists in understanding the basic concept behind it. In this home-stay business plan, a few members are allowed to associate in a board which is structured with a certain number of rows and columns.

During the course of joining, a blank board will be provided which needs to be filled with new members. Your frontline, as well as downline, is restricted to two members / level. What you need to do is recruit two members in your front line and next upcoming members will be placed underneath your downline, from left to right.

Once the board is filled, it automatically splits into two more subcategories, where one of the business associates (the best performer) will get promoted to the next level, and get the additional amount as an incentive.

Board Plan Can Be Used Through Various Schemes

  • Single Board
  • Multi-Board
  • Shuffling Board
  • Auto Filling Board
  • Manual Filling Board

Additional Income Can Be Earned In Form Of:

  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Level Commissions
  • Fast start Bonus
  • Rank Advancement Bonus

Below List Elaborates Different Advantages of Multilevel Marketing Board (Matrix Cycle) Plan

  • It allows you to earn an unlimited amount in the network market.  
  • Every member of a board works for each other and earns for each other.
  • This plan is exceptionally featured with various attractive commission plans.
  • The desired result can be obtained with this profit-oriented business strategy.
  • The Fastest success and 200% ROI can be achieved as the entire group works in the board plan.
  1. G) Repurchase Multi Level Marketing Plan or Generation Plan

Repurchase or Generation Multi Level Marketing Plan (also noted as Gap Commission Plan) is an avant-garde marketing strategy available nowadays. You ought to be acquainted with what the MLM Repurchase plan is before going to enroll in it. Most of the MLM companies prefer the repurchase business scheme for the purpose of direct selling of goods and services in the national and international market. In a simple and straightforward word, the plan is all about selling and earning. The more you sell your goods and services offered by the company, the more profit you get.

In first and foremost step, what you need to do is build a network of genuine distributors who leave no stone unturned in advertising the products/ services. The repurchase plan believes that ‘Mouth Media’ advertisement is more lucrative than other media platforms. According to this plan, all the available business affiliates strive to push the business from different positions. The upline motivates the downline to stay ahead in the game and enjoy enormous cash flow, right from the comfort of the home.

Working Procedure Of Repurchase Multi Level Marketing Plan Or Generation Plan

Generation plan is highly preferable over other Multi Level Marketing compensation plans. Companies spend a lot of money to advertise its products and services. Here, the cost-effective repurchase plan comes in the picture and allows you to build a network, make all business affiliates your advertising media and share the advertising cost among the members. The business associates not only save a good amount you send on promotion but also earn a great income, at the same time.


Though the generation plan is user-friendly and helps you to earn a lot, finding the right MLM companies where you can count on is no doubt a tedious work. Don’t worry! Various reliable companies like and others are round the clock available to help you out, on any matter. It is, therefore, suggested that if you are planning to invest in it, get in touch with the right one.

How Does Repurchase MLM Plan (Generation Plan) Benefit The Companies And Individual Marketers?

  • Great earning potential the Repurchase MLM plan offers to the marketers.
  • Millions of dollars can be earned, if treated well.  
  • You are not required to spend a lot of money to advertise your products and services.
  • The plan is designed in such a way where you can be paid unlimited levels.
  • All the members can avail the extra benefits with the help of this powerful business strategy.

The Repurchase MLM Plan (Generation Plan) is all you need if you are eyeing to boost up your growth and control the expense you spend while promoting your business. Hence, instead of wandering here and there, invest in it and see how swiftly it increases your bank balance.

  1. H) Party Multilevel Marketing Business Plan Or Direct Selling Strategy

What comes the first right at the moment you heard the name ‘Party’- a social gathering of loved ones. Isn’t it right? Yes! Party is all about the lively gathering. Similarly, Party Multilevel Marketing Business Plan (Direct Selling Strategy) has been one of the most loved and favorite business schemes among the ones who’re somehow connected with Network marketing. It allows you to host social events at your home, display the range of products and earn a decent income from it. Believe it or not, the direct selling strategy is the most excellent way to own a homestay business.   

Basic Concept of Party Multilevel Marketing Business Plan or Direct Selling Strategy

It would not be wrong to state that people especially women are gaga over party MLM business compensation Plan as it gives opportunities to make money from home in a hassle-free manner.  What you’re required to do is, host a party whether it is a birthday party, pool party or formal events, where you are free to invite any of your friends, colleagues, family members or other loved ones.

In the middle of the party, the hosts display a droolworthy collection of products offered by the company and endeavor to satisfy the eyes of the guest. Managing venue, arranging refreshments, and choosing the theme of the party are vital as these aspects will decide how the party will turn out. Guests can place their order as per their desire while enjoying the party and get them shipped at their doorstep.

Apart from that, a host has another option to sell their products and that is to bring forth the catalog to the table. Keeping the preferences in of guests in mind, the host has to advertise the right products with a great deal of pricing. A crunk party will always be memorable and will no doubt help you to get what you’re looking for.

Favorable Factors that May Attract the MLM Companies and Individuals

  • The party plan is a great source of earning a lot of money in a flawless manner.  
  • In the party plan system, products can be availed at the most reasonable rate.
  • The plan provides numerous lucrative opportunities to both company and business affiliates.
  • Credit card, bank cheque or even cash- anything can be used to avail the goods.
  • The target can be easily achieved as everyone loves the party.

The ball is in your court! Just roll your sleeve and host a crunk party at the drop of a hat. An enormous cash flow is waiting for you. Despite the party scene, you will have to get MLM Party software which would help you in smooth conducting and managing all the records.    

  1. I) Stair step Multilevel Marketing Plan

Different MLM compensation plans are available in Multilevel marketing business you might hear about. Stair step (also known as Stair step Breakaway Plan) is one of them- a reliable, well-established, and the oldest compensation scheme on hand today. It is designed in such way where the downline group, as well as a business affiliate, is assigned a target that needs to be achieved to get the promotion to the higher position along with great incentives. The process utterly depends on the work done by the individual, as well as group downline.

By successfully completing the target set by the company, the business affiliates will get promotion along with the incentives based on the performance. As per the structure of the business plan, a certain position is set by the company where the affiliates break away from the group after shifting to that position, and will get the privilege to run an independent business to earn a higher income.

Working procedure of Stair step Multilevel Marketing Plan

Though Stair step plan is a bit complex in nature, it is widely used in Multilevel Marketing industry as it allows the business partners to complete the sales target instead of imposing the pressure of recruiting new affiliates. In this plan, recruiters are allowed to sponsor the front line where the depth is limited and there is no certain limit to the width of the frontline.

Each level in the breakaway plan is allocated with target along with some exciting incentives, which needs to be achieved by the affiliates. Once the affiliates reach all stages successfully, the breakaway policy comes into the picture by which the promoted one will be provided with the special right to own an independent organization.  

Have A Glance At Some Splendid Pros Of Stair Step Multilevel Marketing Plan

  • Stair Step MLM compensation plan offers unlimited earning potential to all the business affiliates.
  • This compensation scheme is bankable, secured, and fully featured with better commission plans.
  • It allows you to build a vast team of business associates– there is no limit in your downline.
  • In this business module, one can get the swift promotion to the next higher level by achieving the set target.
  • Making money from different levels is applicable in Stair step MLM plan.

All such advantages make Stair Step plan a perfect compensation scheme for Multilevel Marketing business and hence, various multinational companies are investing in stair step MLM business compensation plan. Success is guaranteed! It would be the right decision to invest your effort, time, money, and dream into this plan.  

  1. J) Hybrid Multilevel Marketing Plan

In today’s fast pacing world, everyone is wandering to earn money in the least possible time frame. Accept it or not, multilevel marketing business comes into the picture and plays a crucial role to not only meet people’s expectation, rather exceed them. Doing so in less time can’t be possible without the networking business with the best compensation plan.


Behind every successful business, there is an earth-shaking idea which throws the kitchen sink to help you sit on the top of the competition. A business along is meaningless without an exciting compensation plan behind it. Similarly, MML (Multilevel Marketing) has been a successful-story for past twenty years. It allows its members to make an immense earning without having to work 9 AM to 6 PM (from Monday to Saturday).

There are various traditional as well as avant-garde compensation plans available that one can make use of these business plans to make money, in the least amount of time. Taking about MLM business compensation plans without a Hybrid scheme (first introduced in the year 1985) is completely worthless as it is featured with some distinct benefits. One proven reason behind its victory is that the hybrid scheme combines different business compensation plans just to bring the real solution for the company as well as individuals.   

Working Methodology of Hybrid Multilevel Marketing Plan

The plan is designed in such a way, where there is no place for any supervisor/ leader to supervise the unit. All the sponsored business affiliates are designated as a distributor. The most interesting fact of the hybrid plan is that it is volume driven plan, unlike other level driven compensation plans. Although two business schemes (Unilevel and binary plan) work together, a chance of getting additional income in form of incentives/ bonus is very high.  Here, you are allowed to recruit two members and the sponsored enrollee will be placed under both legs (Left and Right). The balance between both is must if you want to achieve the exceptional output.

How Is Hybrid Multilevel Marketing Plan Beneficial To Networkers?   

  • It offers tremendous opportunities to get the high rewards from multiple levels as it combines two/ three business compensation schemes to bring the best possible solution to the table.     
  • Great advantages can be obtained from the combination of both Unilevel and binary MLM plan.
  • The concept of hybrid plan is simple to understand, easy to explain to new enrollee.   
  • Immediate commission is given on the performance of every business affiliates.  
  • The compensation in this business model is based on group volume.   

4) Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

With technology, every industry is gradually transforming. So is marketing industry! Millions of people turn to traditional marketing business to thrive. On the contrary, most of the people count on Network Marketing business to earn a hefty income. Here are some points given below that might help to choose between network marketing and traditional marketing business. Network marketing business and traditional marketing both are opposite to each other. Let’s find out the better way to make much money and give you a superb lifestyle.


Talking about the traditional business, there is a lot of money required to get the business up and continue to thrive. From electricity bill to employee salary, paperwork to payrolls, and staff to consumers, a series of things go with hours of work. On the other hand, the network marketing has no such hassles. The success depends on individuals’ performance.  


Are you a social robot who goes to work, gets paid, and returns to home? Are you wandering for a better way to work? To clear out all such hassles, Network Marketing system comes into the picture and provides you better flexibility than traditional marketing system. Unlike conventional business system, affiliates can work even from home and make much money.  


In traditional marketing business, there is no opportunity to earn extra commissions. Besides, the network marketing comes up with extra earnings along with career opportunities. The distributors can earn a lot of incentives by selling company’s merchandise and get discount on each product and service.


In traditional marketing, you mostly work for your employers and strive to increase the company growth. However, in network marketing, every individual starts at the same level and work for themselves. Here, you will be provided with a lot of facilities by which you can excel your growth along with the company growth.


One of the most excellent benefits is round the clock availability of your business. Most of the traditional businesses are closed at night and even on weekends and public holidays! A network marketing business opens 24/7 throughout the year to evolve

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