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Stair Step Plan MLM Software

MLM Business is famous for choice and type of business plan present and running in the business sector, one of the most traditional plans still being used is stair step plan. Basis of this plan depends on sales volume. MLM Company sets a sales target for people and also the downline, after getting the set target individuals get promoted to the further level furthermore receive incentives and bonus for reaching the target.

Stair Step MLM software is an essential requirement or need of direct selling multi level marketing organizations which presents services and product sale targets for their networkers or MLM leaders and promote them on accomplishment of the objective to analyze, control and manage all the up and downs in their MLM business. SoftwareProve presents their unique and best web software solutions for network marketing business which need to start a Stair Step MLM plan. The Stair Step MLM software consequently deals all the transactions, down line sales and repurchase, franchise or branch management, e-Pin and e-wallet management, inventory or stock management, purchase volumes, promotion of MLM leaders, financial transactions, MLM leaders network structure and various other web forms and customized reports need to analyze and control a Stair Step MLM business industry.

You are free for all the things. Do not think more on this just give a call for free demo and know all the features and functionality about this amazing plan by SoftwareProve. Web application designers and developers and the professional team member of SoftwareProve has long time experience to develop software for MLM industry and always working to improve the growth of network marketing industry.

Stair Step MLM Software Components:

Web place for online web application of this plan designed as per client needs along with different dynamic features managed by stair admin panel of this software. Administration Panel of Stair Step MLM Software which includes all the essential components and features to manage all the transactions and activities performed by customers and MLM leaders.

Also the control panel contains the entire essential analytical and customized reports through which network marketing organizations controlling authorities can see, deal with all the actions performed by the pioneers or clients of MLM Stair Step business.

Key points to remember associated with stair step MLM plan:

  1. Stair Step Plan offers a incredible income potential in MLM business by permitting a member to make a large team or downline and make pay from different levels.
  2. By achieving set target, individuals have the possibly to get promoted to a next higher level expanding the value of performance.
  3. Equalization in the stair-step is available with the shared duty of achieving sales targets within the group.

Features and Qualities of Stair Step MLM Software:

  1. Branch Management and franchise associated into the web based software.
  2. Automatically promotes members whose service and purchasing of items ratio is maximum.
  3. You can see the products group sale volume in required form.
  4. Genealogical data for MLM leaders and administration in pictorial presentation.
  5. E-wallet and E-pin transaction report integration.
  6. Down line status of every single MLM team member.
  7. Payment Gateway integration.

Other analytical and customized informative reports needed by direct selling company or MLM Business Company.

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