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MLM Software with E-commerce

Nowadays, E-Commerce becomes an important part of MLM business for merchandising product via internet, SoftwareProve is helpful in integration of different open sources platform widely used with E-commerce platforms like Magento, WordPress and OpenCart to facilitate online transaction such as repurchase, registration, product order, product delivery, product purchase and more. We provide included options for the problems encountered in current era of internet business. Our experienced team members develops a customized alternatives, a user-friendly that include the front-end of your website with the applications and data source that drive the E-Commerce integration system.

There are several benefits of this integration are as follows:

  1. Decreased lead time for quicker distribution, payment and revenue in marketing of the product.
  2. The chances to deal with client information, item varies and complex conditions without the condition becoming out of control.
  3. Improve and develop connections with dealing members
  4. Increase interaction between dealing members results improved long-run connections.
  5. Increase the area of regional place. It is limitless and provides potential to shine your company.

As the domestic or local market initiating grows up in the international markets; it is advised that you need to implement the e-commerce technology to sale your services and products to the users worldwide. Multi level marketing with e-commerce business is in a huge demand these days. By using this combination of two different platforms MLM leaders and MLM networkers can become the owner of a successful business. They can buy services and products from MLM shopping site and sale those items to other customers and earn the profit on sale.

SoftwareProve designs e-commerce solutions in such as way that offers an awesome shopping experience for consumers and additionally enhances the conversion rate. We do not design your website same as other websites we designed it in a manner to increase your MLM business revenue and make transactions very easy to do this also help to increase your networkers and associates in your network marketing business. It also provides the ease of doing trading in your MLM business. SoftwareProve provides customized shopping cart integration with MLM concept. The shopping cart designed and developed by our experienced and expert team of developers has a featured and professional layout having category and product management, payment gateway integration, discount offers through coupons etc.

Features of e-commerce with MLM business

Product Management:

  1. Demonstration of limitless variety of products at different locations
  2. Products can be added, hided, removed and edited as & when needed
  3. Instead of flipping through many pages comparison of two or more items can be done side by side.
  4. Catalogue of products can be handled by products, brand and categories
  5. Rating and scoring of products by Start marking and etc.

Order Management:

  1. Automated chargeback option with order cancellation.
  2. New order notification via RSS, messaging and email.
  3. Easy order search by date, keywords or by supplier.
  4. Discount settlement and maintenance of record of inventory of non-stock and stock products with description and etc.

Other features which are Stock Management, Shipping Management, and Payment Gateway are included with the MLM software provided by SoftwareProve.

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