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Today is the age of Information Technology, when each business process is facilitated with a number of software solutions. One has to make a difficult choice to implement the application software for his business. Thus the software management has become an overhead business process.

The Institute management system is a solution of a new generation of software. When one need to have many software solutions to manage the different processes of an institute like, fee management, staff management, student management, library management, etc., the institute management system provides an amalgamation of all the application software.

SoftwareProve presents the coaching institute management software system as a fully customizable software solution for its clients. We have developed this system after a making thorough market survey to cater the need of an educational institute. Our developers and support team have developed a state of the art environment in the organization that ensures our clients with an efficient product for their organization.

The software solution is provided with the user friendly environment to facilitate its services to its user. It has an intensive database management capability which takes the minimal data input to custom report generation. The user management module of the system makes the system so personalized to its users that the account officer, teacher, student, administrator or other stakeholders of the system may efficiently use the system without any interference or ambiguity. This also makes the system very secure for its stakeholders. The system is developed on web technology, so the system provides the facility of accessing it from anywhere.

The personalization is started from the very first user screen, dashboard. Where the technical or non-technical staff can utilize the admin tools efficiently to do the daily tasks. The dashboard can be used to view or send the messages or any other information to the staff and the students. The user of the system may use the dashboard for notification and helpdesk purposes. This can be used grievance management, training requirement, and comparison charts.

Student Management Module

The student management module of the system facilitates to store the complete information of a student right from his admission into the organization. This information may further be utilized to monitor his performance, feedback, and enhancing the efficiency of the system. The student can verify his personal information and monitor his attendance, performance online. The student can submit his feedback online which further may be used to amplify the performance of the organization.

Fee Management Module

The Fee is the only source which accomplishes the financial needs of an education institution. So it is very important to have discrete information about the fee flow in the system. The institute management system provides a number of modes of payment with high security. It provides various custom reports regarding fee payment of the student with multi frequency options as, daily, weekly, fortnight, and monthly. The system is intelligent enough to set the reminder in the case of dues.

Account Management Module

The account management module is capable to cater all the needs of payroll system, financial reporting needs of an organization. The staff information is stored in accordance with the organization structure. The leave can be applied online and get accepted or rejected in the same manner. The staff performance, their existing status and leave record are associated with their payment structure. The system is capable of generating various financial reports as salary sheet, ROI, balance sheet, fund flow statement and more.

Faculty Management Module

The faculty is very important stakeholder of the educational system. So to facilitate the academics the system is bundled with the functionality of faculty management, lecture management, and course management. The system keeps a record of faculty’s personal information, his expertise and experience record. Faculty performance and student satisfaction lead to manage complete faculty lifecycle. The software provides the facility to plan the lecture in advance in pre-determined format. The time table preparation and execution can effectively controlled and managed with the help of the software. This also provides the course status report and student status periodically. As per the requirement of the institute, number of courses can easily be designed with its syllabus, tenure, eligibility criteria and fee details which may further be utilized for business needs.

Examination and Result Management Module

The examination and result module is the reflection of the modern technology being implemented in the system. The system has various inbuilt exam patterns and additionally provide the functionality of making own exam patterns. The objective or descriptive examination can be organized online in a very genuine environment. The exam can be monitored under web cam surveillance. The result can be declared online and be accessed by the faculty, student and their parents as well.

Administrator Management Module

The administrator module gives its user the power to decide the access eligibility of the various stakeholders of the system. User rights can be managed according to the business rules defined in the organization. The administrator can decide for any user for his access to the system or the database. Thus the system facilitates high level of security on user level. The system may also be used to make more custom reports other than the default report present in the system. This makes the system highly customizable.

Apart from having the inbuilt software solutions for different business processes of the institute, the institute management system is fully customizable. It may be implemented in an organization as a complete software package or in sub packages. It may be integrated with legacy software of the organization too. The system can be completely or partially be usable with the already running software in the organization as to facilitate the no work loss during the transition from one technology to another.

Having a single software solution for the different business processes also facilitate the organization the better utilization of money, people and time as it removes the business complexities of using different software solutions and managing them by bringing all the processes under one umbrella in accordance with the organization structure. Thus the institute management system provides not only the technological benefits, but also the management benefits to the organization. Thus, it may be called as intelligent software solution.

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