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Best Applicant Tracking Recruitment Software System 2016 With Free Live Demo Noida Delhi India

Applicant Tracking Recruitment Software

For filling work opening, it gets to be basic to oversee hopeful data effectively. With the guide of Application Tracking Software, associations can guarantee great profitability, and can likewise contract the best contender for different occupations. At the point when applications for a particular occupation turns out in tremendous numbers, the human asset staff experience a frightening background to pick the best hopefuls as when they perform the sorting prepare physically.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that offers an association some assistance with managing and computerize their recruitment process. Vitally, since such a large amount of the selecting process has now ended up electronic, an ATS is essential since it empowers the electronic treatment of recruitment needs, for example, submitting online sets of expectations and catching applications in and electronic arrangement. While this following software is utilized, foundations can spare a great deal on time and assets spent to discover perfect contender for different employment parts. How Application Tracking Software empowers simple enrolling process?

Studded With Components

The software that gets worked to track application accompanies different elements that get intended to make the following procedure less demanding. A portion of the elements that join the Application Tracking Software take the type of employment opportunities, offices, work parts, wellsprings of recruitment, among alternate components that streamline the enrolling process. One can choose a particular measure, as that of occupation title or training, and let the software filter through an application to bring out appropriate points of interest.

Track All Movement

With the software intended to track application, associations can track exercises relating to the procedure of selecting. The applicant status is better followed with this software, as that gets started with the initially meeting of hopefuls and which continues until the arrangements get settled for a particular employment part. The enlisting groups are all around sorted out and the contracting directors are better educated as when this software is placed set up.

Streamline Multi-Tasking

As when the enlisting process starts, the concerned experts perform different assignments as a part of the selecting process. With the Application Tracking Software, spotters can move starting with one errand then onto the next with no issues, as they can likewise juggle exercises and react to the numerous competitors immediately, without confronting any troubles.

Quicker Arrangements

Now and again, selection representatives search for perfect possibility for different occupation parts, and at such circumstances, the software worked to track applications serves as the best wager to make quicker arrangements for the diverse employment parts. Finding the applicants who match particular occupation parts and investing energy with possibility to ensure that they have the right stuff to wear a particular part are made simple as when this software gets used.


Stay Sorted Out

With the guide of the software that is worked for following applications, the enlisting group can stay composed, where the groups can create shortlists rapidly and can make the best utilization of components like email promoting projects to stimulate the selecting process.

With strong components worked to make the enrolling handle simple, the Application Tracking Software is a perfect associate that permits associations to pick the right competitors inside of a brief span outline.

Understand the Enormous Fragment of Applicant Tracking & Recruitment Software

Good Application Tracking Software can help scouts enormously. These systems can likewise be to a great degree compelling for littler business without a HR chief. With these systems it is less demanding to convey the best possibility to the highest point of the heap.

The principle thought of these systems is to give an area and database to contracting and recruitment endeavors all in one spot. The following systems oversee resumes and all data from candidates. There are a few techniques to get the data into the software. For instance if the HR chief or a selection representative is meeting the data can be entered and notes made as the meeting is going on. The candidates that apply on line would have the choice to enter the data directly into the systems. The third route information on planned candidates could be entered is through resume sheets.

Once a candidate following systems has the data the systems can sort this data in any number of ways. For instance, if this position requires a professional education it can deal with any resume that might have come in that does not list that data. Most candidate following systems likewise offer representative referral rewards.

There are various different components that these systems can furnish to help with the contracting process. Whenever choosing if candidate following systems will work for your business remember the accompanying upsides and downsides.


  • These systems can naturally post to online employment sheets
  • Tracks all candidate data
  • Permits particular screening questions
  • Monitors the stream in the application process
  • Will permit one email to go to various candidates
  • Can mechanize appraisals for contracting
  • Assignments, notes and some other reports can be there in no time flat connected to the application.
  • As arecruiter for various firms it is vital to have verified and qualified candidates that you can monitor by their ability, experience and training. Utilizing a candidate following systems might take a decent arrangement of work out of the file organizers and put it readily available. These systems are most helpful when you have countless for a large number of employments.



  • Candidate following systems slaughter around 75% of resumes that are submitted
  • The following systems can be defective if the resume is not designed not surprisingly.
  • PDF documents are regularly misread and disposed of
  • Following software can’t read illustrations
  • The best contender for a vocation might not have a resume that the software can get accurately

On the off chance that your employment is selecting for your organization or for some organizations candidate following systems are positively something to consider. The inquiry is will the software make finding the best possibility for the opening you are attempting to fill less demanding. The following inquiry is will the recruitment software permit the absolute best possibility for the occupation through the screening forms it puts resumes through.

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